New Works Submission Guidelines

Scripts are accepted from active CPI members on a rolling year basis for each season which runs September through November and February through May.  To become a new member or renew your membership, please click on the “Members” tab to submit dues electronically or by US Mail. We accept short plays (10 minutes in length) One-Act and Full Length Plays. Plays must be formatted in either Traditional or Modern format as indicated in the Dramatists Guild playwriting format shown below.

Plays should be submitted without contact information provided (blind copy) and emailed as a Word or PDF document to CPI where once reviewed for residency and membership status will be sent to Arnie Shayne who will forward them to our Play Selection Committee.

Please list in the subject line the name of your play and that you are submitting either a Full-length, One-act or Ten-minute play.

Generally a play’s length is measured by page count, i.e. a 10-minute play is 10 pages of dialogue, a One Act play is 45 pages of dialogue and a full length play is 90 pages of dialogue. In order to have 90 minutes of run time for CPI staged readings, please be sure your play’s page counts conform to the play length you are submitting.

What Happens Next

CPI will acknowledge receipt of your script.  Within two months, CPI will send the playwright feedback based on the rubric review form with Comments from the Play Selection Committee.  Your play will be evaluated based on the criteria/rubric shown in the attached document. Thereafter, the playwright is contacted ONLY if a script is chosen for a staged reading.  Any playwright can request to have a cold reading (which is free). Contact Arnie Shayne to schedule this based upon venue availability.

When a script is selected for a staged reading, CPI will email the playwright a Letter of Agreement and Checklist to be signed and returned acknowledging acceptance of the responsibilities of the playwright to ensure a successful event. The playwright will be contacted by the CPI President to assist in selecting a Director for your staged reading. The playwright is encouraged to take part in the process leading to the staged reading by promoting it on social media and helping sell tickets to the event as well as providing an overview, bio and headshot for the program and a post-performance report to CPI if desired.